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Gold Factor

Gold Factor is an extensively researched activation molecule that boosts cellular vitality to enhance mental acuity and memory, support joint comfort†, and promote longevity by protecting cellular DNA. In independent laboratory studies, Gold Factor increased telomerase activity (an enzyme that protects telomeres or endcaps of DNA and a key healthy aging marker) compared to no treatment, and performed as well as or better than the leading anti-aging, cellular vitality, or gold colloidal supplements currently on the market.

• Increases available cellular energy and supports cellular vitality*
• Precious: Delicately suspended gold particles refract light, turning the solution an elegant shade of rose
• Pure: Tested for safety and purity. Gold Factor combines ultrapure water and intricately shaped particles purer than 24 karat gold
• Powerful: Every drop contains billions of gold particles that activate your trillions of cells—a true powerhouse of cellular support*
• Promotes youthfulness by protecting DNA strands and increases telomerase activity when compared to no treatment*
• Promotes youthfulness by supporting mental acuity and memory*
• Has been extensively tested for efficacy. In a laboratory study, Gold Factor performed as well as or better than other gold products on a key marker for cellular vitality*
• Supports joint comfort 

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